EFCO Publishing Co. now has four books in the marketplace.  HOW SHORT HITTING, BAD GOLFERS BREAK 90 ALL THE TIMEHOW I CUT 50 STROKES OFF MY GOLF SCORES, and, released in July 2017, DON’T PLAY GOLF LIKE TIGER WOODS. Altogether, the golf books have sold over 20,000 copies, qualifying me to brag as a “best-selling” author.

The fourth book is a cookbook, THE MELTING POT COOKBOOK, the name referring to the “good old days” when the USA was a “melting pot”, prior to our experiment with “multi-culturalism”.

Belle S. Fields is the author of the cook book, which is in its second edition. Belle is an old fashioned cook, as you would assume from her age. She’s 105. That’s right, born in 1912.

Her book differs from Julia Child’s books in 2 important ways: (1) Her recipes use mostly standard ingredients that most kitchens will have on hand, and (2) Beginning cooks will have no difficulty understanding what to do to make the recipes work. Over 2,000 copies of the cookbook have been sold, and several great cooks have told us that they us it as their standby reference when looking for a new recipe for company.

As an aside, Belle is a competitive entertainer. Her goal is for her guests to take one look at the food laid out for her party and to express shock at the enormity and the beauty of her offering, never having seen such a display at any other hostess’ shindig.

In addition, Belle’s recipes not only taste good, many of them LOOK good, too. Several of them can be used as decorations for your table right up to the time they are eaten. Guests will oooh and aaah at how they look and how they taste, and will ask for the recipe…

And don’t forget Fred’s golf books. They are selling well, five years into the first book’s run. That’s because golf is so badly taught, and most golfers are looking for ways to improve their scores. Expensive lessons mostly don’t work. And drastically changing your swing IS work! Your pro can teach you how Tiger Woods hits the ball, but he neglects to tell you that, to make his swing work, Tiger hits half a million practice balls a year. And your pro never teaches HOW TO USE SMART STRATEGIES TO LOWER YOUR SCORES. In other words, how to PLAY THE GAME!

That’s what Fred’s books do, teach golf strategy. What to do to play 18 holes in the least number of strokes with the swing you already have. Take a look. You can borrow them FREE from the Kindle Library on Amazon.com.

The second golf book tells the story of how Fred learned to drop 50 strokes from his golf scores, starting in the 120s to finally scoring regularly in the 70s. It tells what he learned and how he learned and how he, over the years improved. Hopefully, after you read the book, you won’t take as long he did.