One flaw in many golfers’ swings is not taking enough time with addressing the ball and moving the backswing into position to hit the ball.

Watch the pros on Sunday, and you’ll see that almost all of them are very deliberate in how they prepare to hit the ball.

They ALWAYS stand behind their ball first and decide on the exact line of flight they want to hit.

They ALWAYS carefully set themselves to hit the ball along the pre-determined line, and check to make sure that they are aimed where they think they are aimed.

At the top of their backswing, they deliberately set themselves in the correct position to start a perfect hitting stroke. This is not a movement that should be rushed or left to chance.

They smoothly transition into the hitting stroke and accelerate into and through the ball, and on a full swing, end up with a full follow through. On a partial swing, a punch or pitch or chip, or even a putt, they accelerate into the ball and follow through.

On short shots, they reduce their backswing so that they can accelerate into the ball…especially on putts. (If you are missing a lot of makeable short putts, it’s probably because you’re decelerating into the ball.)

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