One of the toughest things about golf is maintaining your cool when things go wrong. It’s certainly my biggest weakness, even at my advanced age.

You do something stupid, like not avoiding a pond, or you miss three shots in a row, including a short putt; I don’t have to tell you. The language gets coarser and clubs start flying. One of the main secrets of winning is keeping your cool. Be patient. And don’t try to get everything back all at once.

I remember watching Jack Nicklaus once in a tournament at Firestone. He hit his drive into the woods. His solution was not to hit a miraculous shot through the woods to the green. What he did was hit an easy punch out of the woods back into the fairway, where he’d have a better chance to hit a higher percentage shot. His third shot landed on the green. He sank the putt, and kept his par.

Too often, when lesser golfers (and I’m talking about touring pros as well as weekend golfers) get into trouble, they try to hit the miracle shot that will get them back in the game if they pull it off. When was the last miracle you prayed for and got? Someone is praying for a miracle every minute. Almost all those prayers are answered “No”, especially golf course miracles.

So be smart. Don’t ask the Almighty to get you out of a jam you put yourself into. Take your medicine. Play the simple recovery shot, and try to get back in the game with two simple shots instead of one miracle shot. I guarantee, you’ll score better.



THE MELTING POT COOKBOOK is going into its second month on the market, and sales are picking up. We got a couple of nice reviews on Amazon, and they have reduced the price for the introduction.

The book has a lot of things that separate it from the usual cookbooks found on the shelves today. Firstly, it was not written by a famous chef who is trying to enhance his reputation. It was written by a housewife whose goal was to pass along good recipes for an American housewife to prepare for her family or for special occaisions when she entertains family or friends.

Secondly, its recipes use common ingredients usually found in any kitchen, not exotic, expensive spices, etc. that must be found, used for one recipe, then never needed again.

The book has recipes for many cultural dishes, Chinese, Italian, etc. That’s why it’s called The Melting Pot, going back to the good old days when America was “The Melting Pot”.

Besides the recipes, this cookbook is filled with stories throughout which tell how the author came across many of the recipes.

And finally, there are many unusual dishes found in the book that will impress your guests, and have them asking you for the recipes. There is nothing that brings a smile to a cook’s face quicker than the approval of her peers, and their complimenting her by asking to copy her foods.

If you need the perfect gift for a young bride, believe me when I tell you this is the one. It will become her “go to” cookbook for the length of her married life.

Available on Amazon.com. Search for “Belle Fields cookbook” at the site.