If you’ve ever played golf, you’ve been told “Keep your head down”. That is usually interpreted to mean, “Don’t look up to see where you’ve hit the ball until AFTER you’ve hit the ball”.

Both the statement and the interpretation are wrong. You should keep your head UP, and keep your eyes DOWN. But in both cases, keep your head in the same spot. Don’t move it up, down, or sideways until after you’ve hit your ball.

Hitting a golf ball includes rotating your front shoulder under your chin on the backswing. If your head is down on your chest, the shoulder bumps your chin and moves your head…so keep your head up so that your shoulder can rotate under it.

Keep your head still because you are swinging the golf club, basically, in a circle, and your head is the center of that circle. You know what happens if you move the center of a circle…the whole circle moves. Since your ball sits on the arc of that circle, it is important not to move the circle…or you’ll miss the ball!

Here’s an important tip. One of the overlooked times when beginning golfers make the mistake of moving their head and screwing up their swing is at the transition from backswing to hitting stroke. At this critical moment, you MUST remember to keep your head back! If you start your hitting stroke with a forward head movement, it will┬áchange your shoulder position and cause you to radically change your swing circle. Be very careful of this move. It will kill your swing and your game. Keep your head in the same place until after you have hit the ball and it is well on its way.


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