I have never played in the US Open. I can’t imagine playing for the championship of Upper Maple Street, let alone an entire country. So I can’t tell you what Dustin Johnson was thinking Sunday before or after he three-putted the 18th hole.

But I know I’ve been there and done that in my local dollar Nassau. I was 10 feet from the hole on the 16th green, with a chance to win the hole and go even on the betĀ if I could just get down in 2 putts. My thinking: “Just get this close enough for a tap-in. You don’t have to make the putt, just make sure you end up close to the hole.”

Then I slammed the ball five feet past the hole and missed the come-backer. What a jerk (Only jerk wasn’t the word I used). It happens…to the best of us, and to us lesser mortals. And there’s not a darned thing we can do about it except choke back the embarrassment and keep on plugging.

If you’re a golfer, it’s happened to you. If it hasn’t it will. Be prepared. Luck is a part of life. Sometimes it’s good, some times it’s bad. Be happy if yours is mostly good. Some people know nothing but bad luck.

Dustin Johnson is probably one of the five best golfers in the world right now. He has a lot to be thankful for. But the sun doesn’t shine on the same dog’s back all the time.

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