Jim Furyk, the most famous short hitter on the current PGA Tour gives me another opportunity to point out that distance is not as important as control and intelligent strategy on the golf course…AGAIN!

If you read my blogs of the past few weeks, you’ll remember that I’m trying to get away from pointing out the fallacy of Power Golf. Long drives are nice. But short hitters can be winners, too, and who better to prove my point than “Mr. 58″, Jim Furyk?

Winner of 17 PGA tournaments, including the US Open and the FedEx Cup, Furyk’s distance off the tee is about 275-279 yards. Granted, that isn’t short (like my measly 225) but it’s short for The Tour, where many average over 300 yards. For example, Furyk gives up 35 yards or more off the tee, on average, when playing against Dustin Johnson, whose drives¬†average about 314-315 yards.

But, as I advocate, he learned to play HIS game, use HIS strategy, take advantage of HIS strengths, and develop HIS assets, so that he can compete with and even beat the big bombers among the best golfers in the world.

I usually autograph my books with a bit of wisdom included. One of my favorite bits of wisdom is, “Take your brain to the golf course. Don’t leave it in the trunk of your car with your street shoes.”

I was a moderately talented athlete, especially moderate when it came to golf. But over the years, I dropped my scores from the 120s to the 70s by learning to think on the golf course, and avoiding the “go for the pin” philosophy that gets so many unthinking golfers into trouble and raises their scores.

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