We have already discussed the importance of putting to the game of golf. 2 putts per green is playing half your round at even par. That’s a big concession that every golfer can take advantage of, because putting is the easiest part of the game and the easiest to improve.

Good putting requires knowledge of 2 things, direction and distance.

First direction. Stand behind your ball. Look at the basic slope of the green between your ball and the hole…up, down, or sideways. Look for a ridge or some other alteration to the general direction the ball will fall. Plan to hit the ball on a line that will allow the ball to fall into the hole as it loses its momentum and becomes affected by the slope of the green.

Direction is easy. Distance is tough. But you have a secret weapon working for you. Your brain is a computer. Put some important information into it, and your brain will save it and output the information when needed.

Before your round, go to the putting green with three balls and your putter. Practice putting between two holes about 20-25 feet apart. FEEL THE RHYTHM needed to hit the ball that distance. Don’t worry about sinking these putts, just try to master putting the correct distance between the holes so that you ball ends up close to the target hole.

Once you are feeling how hard to hit those 20-25 foot putts, practice short 2,3, and 4 foot putts. You want to sink those, both in practice and on the course.

When you get on the course, your computer brain will automatically estimate the information of how hard to hit 10, 20, 30 foot putts. You’ll have a lot of second putt tap-ins for easy 2 putt greens.

And here’s another tip. Don’t try to sink any putt longer than 6 or 7 feet. 2 putts is par. try to get down in two putts. Trying too hard to sink those mid-range putts can leave you with longer second putts and bring about score-killing 3 putt greens.



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