Hitting with power is the least important part of the game of golf. Yet almost every cover of every golf magazine features power golf and long drives.

Depending on how good you want to get, needed power is relative. If you want to break 100, 150 yard drives are all you need. If you want to be a winner on the PGA Tour, you’ll need a bit more power, say 250 to 260 yard drives.

This week, the Open Championship (formerly know as The British Open) will be defended by Zach Johnson, one of the shortest hitters on the Tour, and by the way, he’s a former Masters champion, too.

Other short hitters you may know…Jim Furyk, Lee Trevino, Gary Player. My favorite short hitter was Calvin Peete, just about the shortest hitter on the Tour…about 245 yards off the tee… but perennially among the top money winners.

Billy Casper was known for his putting, not his long drives. Billy Casper won 51 PGA Tournaments, 7th on the all-time list. When David Feherty asked him how he was able to win so many, his answer was, “Because I knew how to win tournaments”.

Ben Hogan said, “Golf is 20% physical and 80% mental”. Do you know what he meant? He meant that every PGA Tour player can hit the ball well enough to win tournaments. The reason some win 2 or 3 in their career and some win 2 or 3 a year is because they know how.

The winners win because they use strategy needed to win. If you want to score better, you can very easily, by using intelligent strategy…even if you can’t hit the ball any better than you do now.

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