For most players, golf is a tough game. I’ve said it before, most golfers have no idea of proper golf strategy, which will make the game easier.

Bobby Jones said, “Golf is played on a 5 1/2 inch course, the space between your ears.

Ben Hogan said, “Golf is 20% physical and 80% mental”.

Billy Casper said, “Every player on the PGA Tour hits the ball well enough to win tournaments. I won more than almost anyone because I knew how to win tournaments, not just how to hit the ball.”

These three great golfers agree with me. I was a short-hitting, low-ball-hitting duffer who carried a 6 handicap. My drives went about 225 yards. My scores, on a 7200 yard golf course were usually between 78 and 82. Do you know why? Because I thought my way around the golf course.

Every shot was hit for a reason, and you can bet that very few had “go for the pin” as the reason. When I was playing 440 yard par 4s, and my longest shot was a teed up 225 yard drive, I had to figure how to get that par 4 some way other than on in two and two putts.

If you are not scoring in the low 80s, here is your first step to simplifying your game. Play for bogey. Make 90 your par instead of 72. Learn to score 5 on the par 4 holes, and 6 on the par 5s and 4 on the par 3s. 72 plus 18 is 90 strokes, and that should be your par. You’ll find that this new par system will make the game easier, and you’ll score better. And an occasional real par will take care of your occasional double bogey. Pretty soon, your scores will drop from the 100s to the 90s to the low 90s to a now-and-then 80-something.

And you’ll start learning how to use your brain on the golf course. You’ll see where you’re losing strokes and what you should be improving.

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