Until now, we’ve mostly been a golf site. But recently, I’ve taken off 55 pounds with a new diet, and am having no problem keeping my weight down.

I have discovered a natural indicator in my body that helps me eat properly. I have written a new book, titled ‘The System’, subtitle: AN EASY, NATURAL, CHEAP WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT AND NOT GAIN IT BACK. Seriously, I found this diet method, and, using it, have been able to lose my excess pounds. But the real news is that, since losing the extra weight, I’ve been able to stay slim. The reason I am not putting the pounds back on is that I’m still, happily using the diet. It allows me to eat any food I want, and never have to count calories or carbs. I don’t have to spend money on pills or special diet foods. I ate all my usual sweets and treats, and the weight came off and is staying off. The System is natural, easy, and cheap, so it is a way of life anyone can live with for the rest of your life. After using this system a short time, it gets easier and makes maintaining healthy weight an easy habit.

If you are interested, go to Amazon and look up the book, The System, by Fred Fields. The book costs $5.99 and is less than 25 pages. The Kindle (ebook) os only $3.99. If you are an Amazon member, you can borrow the Kindle for no charge…FREE. Seriously, you overweight people, this book can change your life. Finding the system has changed mine.

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