PAR 90

For most amateur golfers, par should be 90. 90 is 18 strokes over par 72, in other words, bogey golf.

If your scores are not usually in the low 70s or below, playing for bogey will make the game easier and more enjoyable, and will reduce your scores. You can break 100 with 9 bogeys and 9 double bogeys. 17 bogeys and one lucky par will bring your score down to 89. 7 bogeys and 11 pars score 79 on most golf courses.

One of my favorite pieces of golf advice is, “Take your brain to the golf course. Don’t leave it in the trunk of your car with your street shoes.” Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus, three of the greatest golfers of all time said, one way or another, golf is more about thinking than about hitting the ball.

Billy Casper, when asked how he won 51 tournaments on the PGA Tour (7th on the all-time list) said that it was because he knew how to win tournaments. Most pros don’t. They all hit the ball exceptionally well, but they don’t know how to think on the golf course, so most of them win two or three tournaments in a career, while the thinkers win 2 or 3 a year.

Here are some tips for high handicappers…

  • Play the easy, safe shot. Don’t try a shot that requires you to hit the ball perfectly.
  • Practice pitching, chipping, and putting. These easiest shots are the ones that will lower your scores.
  • If you can’t hit your drives straight at your target, do not try to cut the dogleg. Remember that short in the fairway is better than long in the woods.
  • Try to figure a way to reach that par 4 green with three easy shots. Learn to two-putt every green. 2 putts is par for every green. It is better to hit the first putt close to the hole for a tap-in than to try to sink the first putt, hit it badly, and cause a 3-putt green.
  • Learn to hit the ball straight. You can learn how with my free pamphlet, CURE YOUR SLICE IN 10 MINUTES…FOREVER. Free. No shipping charges. I email it to you, so it costs me nothing and it costs you nothing.

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