If you’ve read either of my books, you know I’m a child of the 50s. In fact, I’m now 79 years old, and having a lot of the same medical problems as others of my advanced age. My drives now, when I hit them, go about 160 yards.

I haven’t played much golf over the past two to three years because of health problems, and my game has deteriorated terribly. In fact, I’ve been having trouble making solid contact with the ball.

Last week, I wrote a blog about practicing hitting pitch shots to improve your ball striking. Taking my own advice, I went out to my back yard and hit a couple of dozen pitches back and forth at a towel I took out to use as a target.

Then I went to the Club, and pitched a bucket of balls, using my 9, 7, and 4 irons. The result…on the course, I hit the ball better with all my clubs than I have since I started playing again after my recent surgery. As a bonus, my pitches were all solid, and landed closer to the hole than I had been hitting them recently, resulting in shorter putts.

Pretty good return on a very minor investment.

If you’re having problems scoring. Can’t break 90. Why not spend three bucks and order my book from Amazon? It’s called HOW SHORT HITTING, BAD GOLFERS BREAK 90 ALL THE TIME. The idea of the book is that most golfers have no idea how to improve their scores without having a swing like Tiger Woods. You have to learn how to score well, even more than learning how to hit the ball. Ben Hogan said, “Golf is 20% physical and 80% mental”. Few golfers even know what that means!

The fact is, that golf is more a game of strategy than of hitting the ball. You need proof? I have always been a terrible ball striker. Drives went about 225. But I carried a 6 handicap and almost always scored between 78 and 82 playing on a 7200 yard course. If you can hit the ball every time you swing at it, regardless of your current scores, my book will teach you how to think your scores down to the 80s. For $2.99 what have you got to lose?

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