If you can two putt every green, you’ll be playing half your round of golf at even par. That’s right. The scorecard allows for two putts on each hole to score a par.

Even if you can’t drive the ball like a pro, you probably, with some practice, can improve your putting. The key to remember is that you are trying to two putt every green. You only have to get the first putt close to the hole, then sink the easy tap-in that’s left. There’s no need to even try to sink any putt over 6 feet. Just try to get it close to the hole for the easy second putt.

There are two theories of putting. The first is to try to putt the ball about 18 inches beyond the hole. The second is to try to stop the ball right at the hole.

The reason for the first theory is that, for the rolling ball to hold its line, it must maintain its momentum past the hole. If it stops at the hole, is may roll off line just enough to miss the cup.

On the other hand, since we are trying to two putt, stopping the ball at the proper distance is the better choice for us. Trying to putt past the hole can be a dangerous choice if the ball goes even a short distance past the 18 inches figured on.

The proper putting stroke is to keep your head still, power the putting move with your shoulders, not your hands, and accelerate your putter’s face through the ball. Missed short putts are almost always the result of head movement, deceleration, or a swing that’s “too handsy”. Use no wrist action. Keep your hands still. swing with your shoulders.

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