If you were playing tennis, and you wanted your hit to go left, you’d aim your racket face to the left. Same to the right. The same laws of physics apply to your golf ball. Where your club face is aimed will influence the direction¬†your ball flys.

When your pro taught you to grip the club, he talked about aiming “Vs” or counting knuckles, but probably nothing about the relationship between your grip and the club face. That relationship is very important.

I suggest that the proper grip has the palms of your hands on the same plane, so that they can work together automatically. And that the plane be the same plane as your club face, so that whichever way your palms are facing, that’s the way your club is facing. So if your hands are square at impact, the club face is also square.

Perfect timing has your clubface square at impact, and you can assure that with a square grip.

Too many golfers, trying to power their golf swing, try the delayed hand action just prior to hitting the ball that many magazine articles suggest. Most golfers fail to get good shots using this method. The delay causes the club face to be out of square, and to influence your hit to start right of your target line, and slice from there. Squaring up your club face can go a long way toward solving that problem.

An important aspect of your practice swing should impart the proper timing into your wrists and hands to square up your club face. If you have to slow down your swing to achieve better timing, I’d recommend it. You won’t lose a lot of distance, and you’ll be more likely to hit the fairway.

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