Drop back 5 and punt…Take two weeks off and quit…This is the advice you get when things are going wrong and you can’t seem to do anything right.

That all came back to me on the putting green yesterday. Just like every golfer everywhere, I sometimes develop bad habits in my golf game. I start aligning myself wrong, or I start moving my head, or I start decelerating my putting stroke. Then, until I can figure out what’s wrong, I suffer.

It has been three months since I held a putter in my hands. Yesterday, when I went to the putting green for the first time since my surgery, I expected to do badly.

We’ve had a lot of rain here this winter, even some flooding. There are still a dozen roads not repaired from being washed out in spots where the floodwater  took them away. The weather has affected the golf course too. The greens are trying to get their health back, but right now, they’re watered down flat, like cement, uncontrollably fast.

So I went to the putting green and took my own advice, and chose two holes, about 20-25 feet apart, one a bit uphill of the other, and tried to get a feel for how hard to hit the ball. My first putt was toward the downhill hole, and on that impossibly fast green, it stopped within a foot of the hole.

I was shocked! But as I continued my practice, I was surprisingly effective, both uphill and down, both left-to-right breaks and vice-versa.

Then I realized, “Take 2 weeks off!” I had been away from the game long enough. All my bad habits had worked their way out of my system, and I was putting purely according to my training without any of the bad habits that tend to work their way into my game.

Two weeks off really works!!!

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