I played yesterday with a stranger who shot about 90. He plays well enough to be scoring in the 70s. He hits the ball a long way, and mostly in the fairway. He needs a little practice on his approaches to the green, because he has difficulty judging distance. He’s either short or over the green. But even with this problem, he could still be scoring in the 70s and low 80s if he’d learn to pitch, chip, and putt.

I’ll never stop repeating…the shots that save strokes are pitches, chips, and putts.

The three rules for lowering your scores: (1) Keep the ball in play, and (2) & (3) Chip and Putt like a genius.

Watch the pros on TV. notice how many times they miss the green in regulation. Then notice how they save pars and even get birdies with superb chipping and putting.

Hitting the ball is important. Avoiding penalty strokes…out of bounds, in the woods or water, etc.,┬áis important. Distance, if you can get it is icing on the cake, not nearly so important. Short hitters who keep the ball in play beat “long and in the pond” all day. Just keep the ball in the fairway, even if only 150 yards off the tee. But practice pitching, chipping, and putting at home in the back yard and in your living room on a cut pile rug or carpet while you watch TV. These are the strokes that lower your score.

When you get to the course, practice those strokes at the putting green or in the areas set aside for that kind of practice. There is a reason why the best golfers in the club are on the practice tee before teeing off. Learn from them.

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