Have you ever heard the term 1000 Year Flood? I had heard of fifty-year floods, even 500-year floods. I guess I should have reasoned that there should be a 1000 year flood. It is defined as water rising to a flood level which, statistically would only happen once in 1000 years.

Last week, in Columbia, SC, my home, we had a 1000 year flood. We have over 100 streets and bridges damaged destroyed , or weakened in our town with the resulting detours and other traffic problems. We were without drinking water for 10 days, and were having bottled water distributed all over town. For which, by-the-way, I thank helpmates from as far away as Dallas and Nashville.

As a result of the flood, I still have water in my garage…bottled, of course.

Luckily, my home is on high ground, and the floods did not come anywhere near us. Our only suffering, other than the bottled water, was that we were without TV for 48 hours. Talk about suffering!

Anyway, here’s my advice for this week. If there is any chance of your property flooding…if there is higher ground around you…if you live at waterside (lake pond, stream, river)…if you are downstream from a dammed lake or pond, get flood insurance! Homes and businesses who never dreamed that they would ever be flooded had no insurance, and they have lost hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars of value and business, and damage.

Remember. The first thing a plumber must learn…Water (and other effluvia) don’t run uphill!!!

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