Of all the comments about my advice, the one that raises the most furor is the suggestion about keeping your back elbow (right elbow for right-handers) at your side throughout your swing.

Before I defend my position, let me suggest that you go to Youtube, watch the pro golfers’ swings (except for Jack Nicklaus, Freddie Couples, and one or two others) and check out their back elbows. All keep their elbows close to their sides throughout the swing. All of them…including Nicklaus and Couples…start with their elbow attached to their side, and bring their elbow back to that position as they come into the moment of impact with the ball. Almost all of them keep that elbow tucked near their side all the way through the swing. (Check out Tiger, Rory, Ben Hogan, Moe Norman…I rest my case)

My original thought was that, if you start there, and if you finish there, why wander around in-between? I realize that to play on the professional golf tours, you must hit the long ball. And to hit the long ball, you need to extend your swing to a wider arc. But those guys are looking to score 18 under par…not 25 over par!

Weekend golfers need more consistency, more control of direction, more knowledge of how to start shooting bogeys and pars and get away from double and triple bogeys. The right elbow is an important key to that improvement.

Keep it at your side, and you’ll find that it simplifies your timing, that it coordinates your body and your arms, that it improves proper shoulder and body rotation, and although your drives may only go 240 or so yards, your scores will drop 5 or 10 strokes because you’re hitting the ball more consistently and solidly, and are hitting into the fairways, and not into the woods, into the water, and into other trouble spots.

Learn to putt and chip and pitch, and you’ll drop another 5 to 10 strokes, and you’ll be consistently scoring in the 80s, and if you try, even, now-and-then, in the 70s.




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