One of my favorite websites is Youtube. I can listen to music, watch someone show me how to repair a broken something, or learn more about golf swings.

I grew up in the 1950s. In those days, just about the greatest golfers who ever lived were Ben Hogan and Sam Snead. Many people said they were #1 and #2 all-time, take your pick, either way. Snead was supposed to have the most perfect swing of all time, and Hogan was supposed to be the best ball striker and student of the game.

They’re right up there with Nicklaus and Tiger in PGA wins. And in those days, the “Majors” were not “Majors”. That came later, with Jack Nicklaus. Although, a win of the US Open or PGA gave the winner a lifetime exemption to any PGA-sanctioned tournament. Both had multiple lifetime exemptions, and Snead used his into his 70s, and I believe he is still the oldest golfer to win a PGA tournament on the regular tour.

Why do I mention Hogan and Snead and Youtube? I recently looked at these two Hall of Fame golfers’ swings on Youtube, and was interested to find that both agreed with me about one controversial item in my “Natural Swing,” If you’ve read either of my books, you know about my easy natural swing, as opposed to the complicated difficult swing most pros teach.

I refer to the back upper arm (right arm for right handers). In my natural swing, I recommend keeping it attached to the upper body from address until impact with the ball. My reason is that this keeps your body and arms coordinated throughout the swing. It also encourages a swing where your body turns, instead of swaying, which is important.

On Youtube, you can watch slow motion swings by both of these greats, and I encourage you to do this. You’ll see that both of them keep their back upper arm close to if not attached to their body all the way back and through the swing until impact.

And by the way, this move does not reduce your distance. Snead was called “Slammin’ Sammy” because he was just about the longest hitter on the tour. And nobody cared about Hogan’s distance. His ball striking was so precise that he was rumored to land his drives on Tournament Days 2,3, & 4 in his divots from Day 1.

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